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Here are a number of frequently asked questions



How much personal time will it take?

In addition to weekly rehearsals throughout the year, there is an annual show in June. We also participate in a Sweet Adelines regional competition in March or April each year, and have an annual weekend retreat to focus on preparing for competition. We tend to perform in and around our area about 2-4 times per year for local festivals, business events, charitable events, as well as participating in Christmas and arts festival events.


What is the cost?

Sweet Adelines International has a membership fee of $90/ year. Regional dues are $30/year and chorus dues are $25/month, (or $75/quarter or $300/year).You need to purchase your chorus shoes which are $35. Each chorus member is assessed a Fair Share Amount which can be earned through various Fair Share Projects throughout the year.  The Fair Share obligation has not been less then $100/year per person. Participation in retreats and workshops is encouraged and sometimes there is a small fee for participation, depending on the activity, and members are responsible for their own accommodation costs. 


There are also financial responsibilities involved for travel, hotel and registration fees for regional and international competitions. Some of these expenses are defrayed by financial assistance from the chorus, but individual members are expected to pay most of the cost of attending and participating in competition. Most of us form carpools for our trips and share accommodations by arranging for three or four to share a room. 


What is the audition procedure?

Prospective members are encouraged to attend 3-4 rehearsals before auditioning. You will be asked to learn our current contest uptune and sing it in a quartet setting with a chorus member who sings your part standing behind you to assist when needed. Members of the Music Team will be there listening and will inform you of the audition outcome soon after you finish singing. The song must be sung from memory because we do not use music when we perform.


Do I have to be a great singer?

Anyone can be a great singer. There are many opportunities for growth and education to help you develop your voice. If you love singing, love to perform, can control your voice to sing on pitch, and can carry a tune, you can be a great singer and would be perfect for our chorus. Prior ensemble singing experience and the ability to read music are assets but not required. 


How do I learn the songs?

Learning tracks and sheet music are provided for you to take home and sing along with. There are also opportunities to learn through section rehearsals and small groups.  


What about Youth Membership?

Young women ages 25 or younger are encouraged to apply as Youth Members. Applicants who qualify pay one-half of the regular dues. Those 18 and under must be sponsored by any adult active member in Good Standing who agrees to supervise the minor during rehearsals, trips, and performances. Attend a rehearsal to find out more about joining Greater Richmond Chorus as a Youth Member.


Are There Other Educational Opportunities?

Our organization provides quality member education in the areas of

  • Vocal Production
  • Choreography
  • Musicianship
  • Stage Direction
  • Costuming
  • Stage Makeup
  • Chorus Management 
  • Arranging
  • Membership Growth and Retention
  • Personal growth and leadership

What Other Things Do You Do?

Greater Richmond Chorus performs in the greater Richmond area, puts on an annual show, and engages in fund-raising activities such as Singing Valentines, and Mother's Day Serenades.


We also have several social events. Our lunch group, Sound Bites, meet periodically at a restaurant in different areas of the city of Richmond. After rehearsal each week, several members go to a local restaurant to have a bite to eat and chat. After some performances we may again meet to eat together. We have special gatherings around the Holidays and following important competitions.


More Questions


Don't see your question answered here, then contact us, we will be glad to answer any other questions you may have.







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